West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE ART: Glow in the Dark Creations and More at the Saturday Exhibit Reception on Alki


It’s part of the art of Alaina Bryan which is exposed to Cricket cider on Alki. This is her first show, and you can meet her at a reception from 4-10 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday, March 5). Here is his story:

I’m a 24 year old artist from West Seattle who specializes in a unique art technique I call claynting, which is painting with polymer clay on glass surfaces. I invented the technique in 2019 while recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Nearly 3 years later, I have fully recovered, thanks in large part to my art therapy. I now work as a full-time freelance artist while studying UX design at an online graduate school. My injury has determined me to do what I love in the time I have and has given me a passion for accessibility, especially in the arts and entertainment industry.

I have around 50 works of art, all for sale, currently on display at Locust Cider on Alki, including several of my original clay works. All my works are created from used or “upcycled” materials, including the large polymer clay windows. Additionally, many of my pieces are UV fluorescent and/or glow in the dark! This makes the evening visit very fun over a delicious glass of cider.

Locust is at 2820 Alki SW, open to all ages.


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