The pickle from a McDonald’s burger was slapped on the ceiling of a gallery. It’s yours for $6,200 – WPXI


A pickle taken from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and thrown into the ceiling is on offer at an art gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, for more than $6,000, according to a report in The Guardian.

Modern artwork by artist Matthew Griffin titled ‘Pickle’ is currently on display at the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland. The price on dill is $6,200.

Griffin’s Pickle is meant to fuel conversations about “how value and meaning are generated between people”, Sydney Fine Arts director Ryan Moore told The Guardian.

“Generally speaking, it’s not the artists who decide if something is art,” said the director. “Whether something is valuable and meaningful as a work of art is how we collectively, as a society, choose to use it or talk about it.”

According to the gallery, the person who buys Pickle won’t actually get the pickle slice, but will instead receive instructions on how to “recreate the art in their own space.”

In other words, the buyer will be given instructions to toss another pickle slice at a ceiling.

The pickle is stuck to the ceiling by the sauce attached to it, Moore said.

“Even though it looks like a pickle attached to the ceiling, and there’s no artifice there, it’s exactly what it is, there’s something about encountering it like a sculpture or a sculptural gesture,” Moore added.

Other exhibits include a drawing of a woman eating a banana, a plant in a clay pot, and a lamp.

The $6,200 price for Pickle does not include the $2.79 cheeseburger the pickle comes from.

Click here to see Pickle.


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