The Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation awards $13,000 in arts education scholarships


High school students at work on pottery wheels purchased with art instruction grant money. (Photo courtesy of Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation)

The Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation has awarded $13,000 in grants to promote arts education in schools. These grants are designed to provide students in the Edmonds School District with arts education opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

This year’s scholarships went to:

  • Beverly Elementary School, for “Book of Me”, a multimedia project that helps students discover and share who they are.
  • Cedar Way Elementary School, for the Name Mural project, exploring wall art and making art in response.
  • A district-wide Teach the Teachers project, teaching teachers how to create, glaze and fire pottery so they can teach their students.
  • Edmonds Elementary School, for a Native American pottery project, in which students will make a spiral pot and learn how Native Americans from various regions made and decorated pottery.
  • Edmonds-Woodway High School, for a clay monoprint teaching project.
  • Edmonds-Woodway High School, for two potter’s wheels.
  • Meadowdale Elementary School, for instructions on creating comics, then creating a non-fiction comic about an ancient civilization.
  • Meadowdale High School, for two potter’s wheels.
  • Meadowdale High School, for easels for drawing and painting classes.
  • Oak Heights Elementary School, for art supplies that allow students to create “totem spoons” after studying the history, culture and mythology of Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

“Many impressive art projects throughout the Edmonds School District begin with the awarding of this grant. And some of those works end up being exhibited at the annual Edmonds Arts Festival,” said Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation President Jennie de Mello e Souza. “We are grateful to be able to give back to the community and encourage children and teens to explore the arts.”

Art Instruction Grants are awarded to teachers and community educators for arts education projects in the Edmonds School District. Each fall, community educators are invited to apply for financial assistance to support visual arts-related projects and curriculum-based programs. Applications will open in September 2022 for the next round of Arts Teaching Fellowships.

The Edmonds Festival of the Arts Foundation provides more than $80,000 annually for arts scholarships, educational grants to schools, and community grants to area nonprofit organizations. The Foundation has also donated over $1 million for public art installations and special projects throughout Edmonds. All proceeds from the annual Edmonds Arts Festival in June (2022 dates are June 17-19) go to fund Foundation programs. Find out more on the Foundation’s website.

You can support the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation by making a donation here.


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