‘That was so wow!’ Renowned glass artist returns to his school, inspires students


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – A group of kids just couldn’t look away from a very special guest’s work at school this week. This guest said whatever your passion in life, you remember the people who helped ignite it.

“I really dig the snakes,” Trent Boysen said, looking over some of the glass sculptures on display. “You see the flowers mixed with the snakes. To me, I really don’t care. It’s just breathtaking.”

Boysen’s goal is to find a way to ignite a passion for art in his students. He is director of visual arts at the University School of Nashville. He spoke while looking at the intricate and detailed work of a former student.

“Yes, I’m proud of it,” smiled Boysen.

This week, this student is back.

“Are you guys ready? Grant Garmezy asked a group of 4th graders.

“YES!” they shouted back.

“Okay! Have you ever seen blown glass?” he asked, starting a demonstration. ” Great ! As I said, the glass is extremely hot.

Garmezy remembers his creative upbringing, the charcoal prints he made while a student at USN.

“Grant was always this very determined worker, and he was very curious,” Boysen said. “That experimentation, drive and focus on material is something Grant has always shown.”

“I was immediately addicted to the warmth and energy of glass blowing,” Garmezy said. “You can’t touch it. It’s 2,000 degrees. You have to use those crazy tools.”

Watching Garmezy’s work take shape was fourth grader Allie Jackson.

“I was like, ‘How did he do that?'” she laughed. “That’s awesome, just whoah. That was so wow!”

“Let’s carve some wings,” Garmezy said, continuing to work on a piece in front of the students. “It’s nice !”

He revealed that the glassware was a bluebird.

There is something so complete about this day for Garmezy, to be surrounded by the teachers who helped inspire him and to now hear the thoughts of the students.

“I could imagine myself doing that, and I think it would be awesome!” Allie said. “For now, I’d rather stick to clay and stuff. I just didn’t know that was possible.”

“If I found out 10.15 years later that one of these kids was inspired by something that was demonstrated here, it would just mean the world to me,” Garmezy said.

Nashville University School is hosting their Artclectic show this weekend. About 44 artists — including Garmezy — will be there. The money raised will be used for a teaching excellence endowment.


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