Spotted: Hands-on with rumored S-Works Romin Evo Mirror saddle


An Instagram post from Marcus Burghardt earlier this year caught our attention not because Burghardt was hoping to run the next day, but rather because of what looked like a 3D printed S-Works Romin Evo mirror in the background.

CyclingTips global tech publisher James Huang speculated at the time on demand for Romin Evo 3D printed mirror technology as well as likely weights and prices.

While Specialized has yet to make any official comments on the saddle, we spotted it again on Daniel Oss’s Tarmac SL7 ahead of this week’s Tour de France Grand Départ in Brittany. I took the opportunity to do a practical investigation of the new saddle.

Although the saddle nowhere bears the words “Romin Evo”, it is undoubtedly a mirror version of the popular Romin Evo. With a very similar profile and measuring the same length and width as the Romin Evo, the basic design concept is identical to that of the already popular Romin.

The height of the new Mirror saddle is slightly higher due to its construction than the standard Romin, but so is the S-Works Power compared to the S-Works Power Mirror.

The liquid polymer 3D printing process used in the construction of the Mirror saddle allows Specialized to vary the density of the material throughout the saddle. This varied density means that Specialized can create a more cushioned, softer feel in specific areas while still retaining a stiffer cushion and support elsewhere for what is said to be an improved overall ride feel.

While I couldn’t remove the saddle to check the weight, it certainly looks light with the carbon rails and Fact carbon shell.

We will bring you more information about this new saddle as we have it.

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