Pokemon Fan Creates Japanese Ink Painting Of Scarlet And Purple Starters


While some players are still playing Pokemon Legends: ArceusGame Freak has already teased its next installment in the franchise titled pokemon scarlet and Purple. Even though the game was just announced, anxious fans learned several details about what to expect. Among the reveals, players got a glimpse of the starter Pokemon designs coming later this year.

First seen in the trailer for pokemon scarlet and Purple, 3 new starter Pokémon have been revealed for the Gen 9 Pokedex. These include Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. While few details are known about these Pokémon, fans do know that Sprigatito is Grass-type, Fuecoco is Fire-type, and Quaxly is Water-type. Recently, a player created a custom piece of art celebrating the reveal of these new players.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as ZanorinSeregris shared a photo of a Japanese ink painting he created based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, the creator had decided to paint the starting Pokémon of the next Scarlet and Purple games, and the results were amazing. Using this beautiful art style, the artist managed to reimagine the entrances in a more realistic way. In the painting, the artist accentuated the design details of the animals that each Pokémon was based on. For example, Sprigatito looked more like a cat, Fuecoco looked more like a traditional crocodile, and Quaxly looked like a real duck.

In addition to showing this painting based on pokemon scarlet and Purple, ZanorinSeregris provided some details on the creation of the stunning piece of art. Based on the artist’s feedback, the first step in making the Japanese ink painting was to start with the lines. Once that was done, they used watercolor to fill in the color of the image. As well as detailing the process, the artist revealed that the project was enjoyable, commenting that painting in this style was “very therapeutic/relaxing”.

Unsurprisingly, this breathtaking painting of the entrances to pokemon scarlet and Purple aroused the interest of many members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. With over 15,800 upvotes in less than a day, many were impressed with the revamped designs for beginners. Among the comments, many appreciated the amount of skill required to complete such a detailed painting. Also, some liked the design so much that they wanted to start making Japanese ink paintings themselves.

Although this painting is impressive, it is far from the only work of art presented by creators. Pokemon fans in recent days. For example, another player made retro artwork for Fuecoco after it was revealed several days ago. As fans wait for more news on pokemon scarlet and Purpleit seems likely that even more fan art based on the upcoming game will surface on Reddit.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are due out in late 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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