Palsgaard helps cake makers break high egg prices


Secrets of world-class bakery emulsifiers to be revealed at IBIE 2022

Palsgaard showcases the power of its active whipping emulsifiers to reduce the egg content of cake recipes, enabling significant cost reductions.

Earlier this year, wholesale egg prices in the United States hit their second highest level ever1, and with eggs accounting for up to 30% of cake recipes, industrial bakers have been particularly hard hit. Solving this problem will be the focus of a Palsgaard knowledge sharing session at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) (September 18-21 in Las Vegas).

The amount of egg needed in a cake recipe largely depends on the choice of emulsifier. Traditional cake gels or hydrates, which are usually monoglyceride-based, can perform poorly in terms of stability, which means more eggs are needed.

Palsgaard® SA, a series of powder emulsifiers for the industrial bakery, meets this challenge. Based on polyglycerol esters (PGE) of fatty acids, it offers many functional properties that reduce egg content by 20% on average. This translates to a typical cost reduction of around 5%.

Further Palsgaard knowledge sharing sessions at IBIE will showcase the performance benefits of its active whipping emulsifiers, which also include Emulpals® series for premixes for cakes. Visitors will see how ingredients can help achieve the perfect shape, volume and crumb structure in cakes, as well as simplify production and speed up yield.

Emulpals® and Palsgard® SAs are plant-based, sustainably sourced and produced in CO2-neutral factories. They can also be used to create cakes that are better for you, as they are trans fat free and can transition from saturated to unsaturated oils.

Sheila Rice, Business Development Manager at Palsgaard, said: “We have decades of experience using emulsifiers in baking – and we love sharing our knowledge. The beauty of our whip active emulsifiers is that they solve such a wide range of challenges in cake production. Cost savings through reduced egg usage is an obvious benefit, but there are also many performance benefits. The right emulsifier can be the key to the desired structure, volume, and appearance of your cake, while providing the ability to create recipes that are better for you.

Palsgaard will be exhibiting at IBIE at booth #617 (West Hall). Watch the company’s new film, “How to Make Egg Reduction a Piece of Cake” at for more information.

1 Reuters “Bird flu and war in Ukraine push egg prices higher worldwide”, April 14, 2022

About Palsgaard

Emulsifier specialist Palsgaard helps the global food industry make the most of the ability to mix oil and water.

With the company’s specialty emulsifiers (and emulsifier/stabilizer systems), bakery, confectionery, condiment, dairy, ice cream, margarine and meat producers can improve quality and extend shelf life. preservation of their products. Equally important, they can produce products that are better for you with improved taste, mouthfeel and texture while using fewer resources.

Since its founder Einar Viggo Schou invented the modern plant-based food emulsifier in 1917, Palsgaard has offered the industry its know-how and innovation. From its six application centers around the world, Palsgaard’s experienced food technologists help manufacturers optimize existing recipes and develop delicious products with better nutritional profiles.

Palsgaard helps manufacturers meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater responsibility, helping them to develop and protect their brands. It is currently the world’s only commercial source of fully sustainable emulsifiers made from RSPO SG certified palm oil and produced by CO2– neutral factories in Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, China and Malaysia. The company’s products are non-GMO and meet halal and kosher requirements.

In addition to its food emulsifiers, Palsgaard supplies the polymer industry with a series of plant-derived, food-grade polymer additives, particularly suitable for preventing fogging and dusting of plastic packaging.

Palsgaard is owned by the Schou Foundation and has over 650 employees in 17 countries. Its turnover in 2021 was 260 million USD (1.7 billion DKK) with products sold in more than 120 countries.


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