Pair of exhibitions planned for the galleries of Nazareth


Art exhibits next month will showcase advances in color theory and three-dimensional sandstone clays at Nazareth College.

James Stephen Terrell
(Photos courtesy of Nazareth College)

James Stephen Terrell’s exhibition, titled ‘Discombobulation: A Collide of Scope’, highlights his paintings which draw on a mix of influences including quilt design, stained glass techniques and color blocking by Joseph Albers. They oscillate between abstraction and realism, interactions of electric colors and geometric patterns.

Creating a kaleidoscope of illusions, Terrell’s work tells many stories. His paintings contemplate and document humanity and spirituality in turbulent times.

“In this day and age, many are puzzled, confused, puzzled, confused, confused, bewildered, confused, and dazed with thoughts of anxiety,” Terrell says. “‘A Collide of Scope’ addresses the feelings we all encounter.”

Nazareth graduate Mike Carroll will share his work on stoneware clays fired in a traditional kiln. The ships represent historical and working vessels studied at different times in Japan, Korea, China, Europe and the United States before the industrial revolution.

It’s the sum of earth, water, wind and fire that Carroll uses to make the ships, officials say. The raw clay and the glazes are impacted by the fire passing through the pots of the kiln for 18 to 20 hours. Wood ash is sifted through the kiln and pots to transform clay and glaze surfaces.

“We are thrilled that these two dynamic and evocative exhibitions will coincide in the Art Center and Colacino galleries and that our students, faculty and members of the Greater Rochester community will have the chance to engage these artists and hear from James give our fall conference. “, explains the director of the gallery, Holland Houdek. “We hope everyone can join us.”

The exhibitions run from October 21 to November 20 at the Nazareth Arts Center and the Colacino Galleries.

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