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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is illustrated by the following report, for the week of January 13-19. Figures reflect the sale price of the property, as well as the address or lot number of the property and are courtesy of Allen Office of County Recorder Mona Losh.


Bathon, Joseph / Bathon, Daniel H Jr Attorney in Fact of Schuttler LLC, 916 N. Main St., Lima, $35,000

C&C Property Management, LLC to K&N Investments & Consulting Inc., 220 S. Collett St., Lima, $12,000

Copeland, Michael to Gay, Willard/Gay, Gaylene, 720 Ruth Ave., Lima, $26,800

Dallas, Milton Raymond/Dallas, Teri Lynn to Full Circle Real Estate LLC, 324 Haller St., Lima, $65,000

Hardwick, Ida/Hardwick, Richard L Attorney in fact for Pauff, Krisi K, 1225 E. High St., Lima, $65,000

Reichelderfer, Samantha M/Reichelderfer, Jeremy to Hollar, Jonathan M, 1620 W. Wayne St., Lima, $70,000

Lima Properties Ltd. to 419Rent LLC, 900 N. West St., Lima, $35,000

Perona, Philip Stephen Trustee/Philip Stephen Perona Living Trust at 655 W Spring Street, LLC, 655-657 W. Spring St., Lima, $57,500

Richardson, Randall C to Vision 2 Investments LLC, 837 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $80,000

Rohrer Rentals, LLC in Laduke, Gary J, 560 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $122,900

Rohrer Rentals, LLC/Russell, Trisha K Lawyer in fact in Ruiz, Celines M, 108 E. Robb Ave., Lima, $100,000

Russell, Bethaney/Russell, Brian K to Smiley, Denielle/Smiley, Dru M, 1678 Ridgehill Lane, Lima, $225,000

Saum, Koneta B to Love, Jack/Love, April, 816 Crestwood Drive, Lima, $136,800

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Watkins, Kaylean Etal/Watkins, Willie to Herr, Nicole/Croft, Joseph, 609 Prospect Ave., Lima, $21,000

White, Michael E/White, Flora M to Pittman, William L/Pittman, Delores, 416 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $145,000

Williamson, Aline to Sharp, William J, 341 Laney Ave., Lima, $23,000


Rite Builders Builds, LLC. to Wren, Jeffrey/Wren, Lisa, 5924 Timberstone Drive, Lima, $355,400

Hickman, Jeffrey M/Hickman, Jennifer C to Clay, Mindy M, 4926 Lobo Street, Lima, $170,000

Hogan, Tiffany/Hogan, Edward J to Hogan, Edward J, 2820 Freyer Road, Lima, $87,100

Gesler, Janelle C to Anderson, Robert I Sr, 2050 Diller Road, Lima, $174,000

Murphy, Michele R/Art, Brian D to Custer, Rayna R, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 52, Lima, $69,000

Pugel, Mary J Trustee/Joseph Gorn Revocable Living Trust to Red Carpet Rental Properties, 111-115 Hartford Court, 220-224 Hartford Court, 2220-2222 Juneau Drive, 2240-2242 Juneau Drive, Lima, $852,500

Rosewood Assets LLC to CP Associates LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 2, Lima, $55,000

Rosewood Assets LLC to CP Associates LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 37, Lima, $68,000

Schimpf, Christopher G/Schimpf, Brittany A to Hickman, Jennifer E/Hickman, Jeffrey M, 4932 Carriage Lane, Lima, $245,000

Shaw, Herbert A/Shaw, Sue Ann to Schimpf, Christopher G/Schimpf, Brittany A, 5280 Poling Road (0.5 acres), Lima, $190,000

Siefker, Thomas D/Siefker, Julianne à Balusu, Chowdary Trustee/Balusu, Jyotirmai Trustee/J And C Balusu Family Trust, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 91, Lima, $49,000

Siefker, Thomas D/Siefker, Julianne à Balusu, Chowdary Trustee/Balusu, Jyotirmai Trustee/J And C Balusu Family Trust, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 177, Lima, $66,000

Wellman Homes, LLC to Van Gundy, Pamela J, 3472 Kenyon Drive, Lima, $238,000

Zuber, Alicia M to Muniz, Devin, 1587 Cessna Ave, Lima, $168,000


Brackney, William S to Clinger, Amy L/Clinger, Edwin R Jr, 1945 S. Cool Road (1 acre), Lima, $215,000


Augsburger, Wanda K Trustee/Wanda K. Augsburger Revocable Living Trust/Augsburger, Brad A Trustee to Mayer, Angela/Mayer, Earl, 1465 N. Cool Road (0.8 acres), Lima, $161,500

Kopp, Karen L Trustee/Elizabeth L. Keizer Revocable Trust to Basinger, Jon E/Basinger, Janice K, 3550 E. State Road (75.1 acres), Lima, $638,000

Morrow, Michael A to Smith, Jaylene, 3762 Mt. Vernon Place, Unit B, Lima, $101,000

Reynolds, Roger to Koch, Gene, 1206 McKinley Ave., Lima, $8,100

Vieira, Michael A/Vieira, Lynne A to Beard, Jason, 2663 Reservoir Road (1.3 acres), Lima, $11,000


Hardesty, Beth K/Bair, Jayne A/Ervin, Jerry D/Bair, Neil S to Musselman, Sharon Louise, 111 Michele Drive, Delphos, $206,000

Heiing, Larry D/Heiing, Deann K to Jinks, Ryan R/Jinks, Karen A, 501 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $300,000


J And K Investments LLC to Mailhot Investments LLC, 209 S. Greenlawn Ave., Elida, $75,000

Lackey-Flanagan, Toni J/Flanagan, Richard A to Metcalfe, Matthew, 704 E. Main St., Elida, $260,000


Swaney, June A to Swaney, Norman, 233 N. Oak St., Harrod, $18,000


Schleeter, Tina/Schleeter, Len to Kimmel, Amanda M/Meyer, Derek J, 6255 Huffer Road (2.5 acres), Lima, $379,500


Ark Of The Covenant Baptist Church at Curtis, Paul/White, Jontez P, 2106 Reese Ave. and East 13th Street, Lima, $70,000

Lima (St. Johns) DG, LLC to Grewal, Gary Trustee/Grewal Inheritance Trust, 1702 St. Johns Road, Lima, $1,949,000


Schumacher, Thomas J Trustee/Schumacher, S Joyce Trustee/Thomas J. Schumacher and S. Joyce Schumacher Revocable Trust to Wright, Kerris L/Wright, Nancy A, Tom Fett Road (1 acre), Bluffton, $15,000

Sheidler, Dennis E/Sheidler, Patricia A to Sheidler, Kevin J/Sheidler, Rebecca Ann, Hancock Road (2.5 acres), Bluffton, $37,500


McCall, Clyde E/McCall, Christy J to McCall, Adam/McCall, Angela, 1574 Pro Drive, Lima, $184,000

Miller, John K Sr to Lange, Tod E/Lange, Jan C, 2418 Adgate Road, Lima, $45,000

Newcomer, Gary J/Newcomer, Bonnie L to Roa, Cora M, 1895 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $127,900


Mueller, Shirley M to Oneil Construction Service, Inc., 508 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $40,000


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