Kuraray again increases the prices of elastomers



Tokyo – Kuraray announced that its elastomers business unit will raise prices for a range of materials in all regions from April 15

The $ 0.23-per-pound increase covers all of the company’s Septon, Hybrar and TU-Polymer elastomers, the company said on April 6.

This is the third time in less than six months that Kuraray has increased the prices of the same elastomers.

The company introduced similar price hikes on materials in early December last year and in February earlier this year.

Explaining the latest measures, the company said the increase in raw material prices, utility costs and logistics was much higher than expected.

“This time it is again necessary to recoup some of those increases to ensure continued supply and innovation of new products,” said Kuraray.

According to the Kuraray website, Septon is a recyclable thermoplastic rubber that “has high elasticity, high weather resistance, low temperature properties, chemical resistance (acid, alkali, alcohol), resistance to thermal aging and electrical properties (insulation) ”.

The material can be used in a variety of applications including auto parts, medical parts, toys, and sporting goods.

Hybrar is a triblock copolymer with polystyrene end blocks and a vinyl-bonded rich polydiene middle block.

The polymer has “high vibration damping and shock absorbing properties” and can be processed in a variety of forms, including films, tubes, and injection molding.



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