JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures host returns to Stone Ocean with new art


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure began the animated adaptation of Stone Ocean last year, with the first twelve episodes of the sixth part of the bizarre anime franchise introducing fans to the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the star of the third part of the series, and a a number of other Stand users being held in a maximum security prison. Although Jolyne herself has a wild Stand ability, perhaps none is stranger than the Stand of Ermes Costello, one of Kujoh’s greatest allies, who has a Stand known as by Kiss in the original Japanese and “Smack” in the English translation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the power of Kiss, or just need a refresher on this really weird Stand ability, Ermes Costello’s Stand allows him to create stamps that when applied to a target, will create two versions of that target. When the pad is removed, the two versions of the original target will collide, creating an explosion sufficient to cause serious damage to an enemy Stand user or item. Along with this strange ability, Kiss also has the power to unleash machine gun-like punches in the same vein as many of the other Stands we’ve seen in the Hirohiko Araki-created series.

A Reddit user shared the new illustration of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure host Takahito Katayama, who sees Ermes Costello fight alongside his bizarre Stand that helped save his life more than once during his time in prison at Green Dolpin Street Penitentiary:

Ermes and Kiss, drawn by one of the animators, Takahito Katayama of StardustCrusaders

Currently, Stone Ocean has yet to reveal when new episodes of the series will hit Netflix, although a number of JoJo fans believe that new episodes will begin when episodes airing on network TV in Japan catch up with the twelfth episode. With the Stone Ocean already planning a new event for this spring, we imagine fans of Hirohiko Araki’s anime franchise won’t be waiting long to hear when Jolyne Cujoh will continue her fight to not only clear her name. , but to save the life of his father Jotaro.

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