From Vikings to cherry blossoms, Hook Hall features seasonal themed patios


Outdoor patios are all the rage on these pandemic streets, so fun themes stand out. Hook Hall is seasonally decorated in Park View on Georgia Avenue in Northwestern DC

WTOP’s Jason Fraley Highlights Hook Hall (Part 1)

Outdoor patios are all the rage on these pandemic streets, so fun themes stand out.

Hook Hall is seasonally decorated in Park View on Georgia Avenue in Northwestern DC

“We wanted to create an outdoor space where people felt really comfortable and really transported them from everyday life,” owner Anna Valero told WTOP. “This became the driving force… How do we create an unassuming space where people would always feel comfortable going out? [for] this super immersive environment? “

Over the winter, Hook Hall decorated the space with a Viking Village theme.

“We didn’t even make the ‘Game of Thrones’ connection until it was all built,” Valero said. “A friend walked in and said, ‘I feel like I just walked on the’ Game of Thrones’ set. … In the middle of a Friday or Saturday night at 8 am… they dimmed the lights a bit and put on the “Game of Thrones” theme. Everyone would be like, ‘Whoa!’ “

Now for spring it has pivoted to a new cherry blossom theme.

“One of the things we all love about spring is the National Cherry Blossom Festival,” Valero said. “It’s not just these beautiful trees everywhere, it’s the real story of them being a gift from another country. Shovels went into the ground jointly by the first ladies to plant them. It’s such a fun memory every year of the Japanese heritage behind it.

The Tidal Basin Festival may be over, but you can continue to flourish.

“I miss peak bloom every year,” said Valero. “It’s like, ‘Peak bloom is coming, peak bloom is coming,’ and suddenly peak bloom happens and everyone is like, ‘Oh, I missed the two days! We wanted to create a space where you could have a peak bloom until June without having to worry about missing it. … We call it Celebrate the Blossoms. “

Reservations are encouraged if you want a place on the patio.

“We have 10 foot trees, 8 foot trees, 4 foot trees,” Valero said. “We took our cabins and designed them to look like little tea houses [with] rice paper windows. … You have beautiful Japanese art, a ton of flowers, and a fun menu to go with it.

Can we get an idea of ​​the next summer theme?

“We’ll have a lot of fun with our summer theme,” Valero said. “We call it the Oasis, but the theme will be a surprise. It will start on June 1 and will last all summer. “

Best of all, you can even bring your dog to enjoy the experience.

“We even have a dog friendly menu,” Valero said. “We have homemade dog biscuits and dog ice cream. … We love Fido, we love our four-legged friends. … It is very important to us that people do not have to leave them at home. They are also part of the crew.

It’s a creative way to bring back customers after a tough year.

“We opened in the fall of 2019, so shortly before COVID arrived,” Valero said. “We were just putting our sea foot under us when COVID shut everything down.”

In the meantime, he has provided charitable work through his Hook Hall helps program.

“We opened Hook Hall as a rescue center,” Valero said. “We continue to operate a relief center that provides meals and supplies to jobless restaurant and hospitality workers during the pandemic. … We operate every Monday and Thursday, where people can take four days of cooked meals and supplies. We raised almost $ 1 million. “

WTOP’s Jason Fraley Highlights Hook Hall (Part 2)

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