Exhibition Opening: High-End Japanese Art Trade Exhibition, BISAI SEN 05

Tokyo, Japan, October 19, 2022 — (PR.com) — Kashima Arts is proud to announce that the 5th edition of BISAI SEN Japanese Art Sales Exhibition started on (Saturday) October 15 and will continue through (Sun.), October 30, 2022. Featuring works by Maruyama Okyo, Katsushika Hokusai, Yokoyama Taikan and many other highly acclaimed artists, an exclusive selection of approximately 40 works will be available at the gallery for viewing and purchase. All the works will be published in the BISAI SEN catalog, so those who cannot visit can enjoy and purchase the listed works anywhere. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the fall season at the gallery.

Highlights of BISAI SEN 05

1. A chance to see art without a glass case
During the exhibition, all the works will be exhibited at the gallery without showcase. The works featured in BISAI SEN are all museum-quality gems, often added to museum exhibits and collections in Japan and overseas. A chance to see the subtle textures and details of Japanese masters up close, visitors have the opportunity to experience the art in all its glory.

2. The original and exclusively designed BISAI SEN catalog
Kashima Arts publishes an original catalog adapted to each exhibition, so that all art lovers can enjoy BISAI SEN. In addition to color photographs of the works, there are also many pages containing chronicles and interviews that delve deeply into the charm of Japanese art.

In “Art Interview”, where special guests are invited to share their stories, Professor Akimoto Yuji, the first director of the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, is asked to talk about the fascination of art that changes over time , from ancient art to contemporary art. In “Suki Gatari” (lit. Insights from Connoisseur), calligraphy scholar Mr. Takahashi Toshiro comments on the highlights of letters written by Sengoku warlords such as Uesugi Kenshin. Finally, in “Bijutsu Wo Sasaeru Hitobito” (lit. People who support Japanese art), Mr. Fujita Noboru, a great collector of Kawanabe Kyosai, is asked to talk about the appeal of Kyosai.

In addition, if this is your first subscription to the catalog, the first two copies will be delivered to you free of charge*. Please feel free to apply by email or phone.

*Only for new members.

3. A key selection of major works
As with every BISAI SEN, each work is selected through a strict assessment of its condition, quality and value.

Among the approximately 40 works on display this time around are a range of landmark works such as Bamboo and Tiger by Maruyama Okyo, Flowering Plants of the Four Seasons and Birds by Kano Kazunobu, and Yokoyama’s masterpiece Taikan Mt. Fuji Autumn Colors and Uesugi Kenshin’s Sengoku warlord Inbanjo (seal warrant).

Featured works

1- Kano Kazunobu, Flowering Plants of the Four Seasons and Birds
Color on silk. Picture 113×45cm / Total 197×57cm
2- Kawanabe Kyosai, Bakeneko
Color on paper. Picture 129 × 30 cm / Total 208 × 42 cm
3- Tanaka Isson, Kannon
Color on paper, with a box signed and sealed by the artist. Picture 134 × 60 cm / Total 219 × 77 cm
4- Hakuin Ekaku, Dragon Staff
Ink on paper, with a box signed and sealed by Satake Ryushu. Picture 128 × 29 cm / Total 222 × 43 cm
5- Munakata Shiko, goddess Musashino
Woodcut, framed, with a certificate of authenticity by Munakata Pariji, with a certificate of authenticity by Munakata Shiko Kantei Iinkai. Picture 33×27cm / Total 58x51cm
6- Uesugi Kenshin, Inbanjo (Seal Mandate)
Paper, illustrated in “Selection of Ancient Documents Ancient – Medieval Edition”, published by Yoshikawa Kobunkan. Picture 27×37cm / Total 110×45cm

Event details
Exhibition Title: BISAI SEN 05
Dates: (Saturday) October 15 – (Sunday) October 30, 2022
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

*Depending on the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, opening hours are subject to change.

Admission fee
Website: https://www.kashima-arts.co.jp/en/events/bisai-sen04/
Venue: Kashima Arts 3-3-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81(0)3-3276-0700

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