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Piccolo is about to have a great summer with his appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, with the Namekian Z-Fighter being placed front and center in the fight against the reincarnated Red Ribbon Army. With Piccolo ready to receive a new transformation that dragonball fans hilariously dubbed it “Piccolo Smooth,” one fan took the character back in time with classic Japanese art that attempts to bring back the green-skinned warrior as the “Demon King.”

When Piccolo first came onto the scene, he was arguably the original’s biggest villain. dragonball series, appearing as an old Namekian who was determined to rule the world and realize his youth in order to terrorize the populace. Not only using his strength to create bizarre offspring, Demon King Piccolo went so far as to free all prisoners from prison to wreak havoc and promised to destroy a city a day to celebrate himself. When Goku as a child managed to defeat the Demon King, his final action was to shoot an egg containing the Piccolo we know today, with the final arc of the original series seeing Goku and “Piccolo Jr” come to blows. hands.

Twitter artist Justin96636, who has been in tears when it comes to interpreting different Z-Fighters in this classic aesthetic recently, took the opportunity to imagine PIccolo becoming much more of a demon again rather than the friendlier brawler of today. ‘hui which has been softened thanks to Gohan’s influence:

Piccolo has changed astronomically since the early days of the Shonen franchise, currently fighting alongside Goku and the other Z-Fighters to protect Earth. With Goku and Vegeta set to train off-world during the events of the franchise’s next film, Piccolo taking over and wielding a new transformation is a welcome change for many fans of the franchise. dragonballas it allows the Namekian to finally catch up with the Saiyans.

Piccolo’s new transformation is still shrouded in a lot of mystery, although the film describes this new form as his “unleashed potential”, leaving many fans wondering if it might align with Gohan’s ultimate form that he learned during the Majin Buu saga.

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