Conductive Polymer Capacitor Market Size To Reach US $ 33.5 Billion By 2030


The market size for conductive polymer capacitors is expected to reach US $ 33.5 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 11.3%, according to a new report from Precedence Research.

OTTAWA, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The market size of conductive polymer capacitors was valued at USD 11.4 billion in 2020. The global conductive polymer capacitor industry offers enormous growth opportunities for manufacturers, vendors, customers in developed and emerging economies around the world. Conductive polymer capacitors represent a radical change from conventional electrolytic capacitors, using polymer electrolytes rather than liquids or gels. Using a solid electrolyte eliminates the risk of electrolyte drying out, a problem that limits the useful life of ordinary electrolyte capacitors and generally leads to circuit failure. Polymer capacitors are generally polarized in the same way as conventional electrolytic capacitors. Conductive polymer capacitors offer considerable advantages for an almost unlimited number of applications. The main advantages they offer are high capacity, high reliability, long life and other attractive electrical characteristics, including outstanding mechanical robustness, higher energy density. It also provides a compact need for voltage derating as well as extraordinary volumetric efficiency. In addition, polymer capacitors are devices that are not sensitive to electrostatic discharges. The technology also shows short inductance, mostly with under-leg termination designs. An important attribute of the conductive polymer capacitor is its outstanding high frequency performance which includes low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and impedance.

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Growth factors:

The information technology and telecommunications industry is growing rapidly. The technological advancements in the telecommunications industry are the main driver for the growth of the global conductive polymer capacitor market. The growing demand for conductive polymer capacitors in end-user applications including computing, smart devices, industry, power supply, and automotive is a major driver for the growth of the global market. In addition, the growth of the consumer electronics industry across the world is supporting the growth of conductive polymer capacitors. industry. Consumer demand for a conductive polymer capacitor is modestly fragmented. Leading players use innovative technology to deliver high quality products that meet the changing needs of end user industries. The growth in the adoption of smart devices is a key trend observed in the target market. This trend is expected to continue and boost the global market during the forecast period. The Conductive Polymer Capacitor is ideal for meeting comprehensive and precise industry requirements. Excellent features such as low ESR, high capacity in small and low profile, performance stability over time make it a decent choice in smart device applications such as smartphones, tablets, PCs , laptops, LCD televisions, power supplies, telecommunications, SSDs and also industrial smart devices. The growth in the use of smart devices around the world is in turn expected to increase the demand for conductive polymer capacitors.

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Highlights of the report:

  • Based on the type of conductive polymer aluminum product, the product type will register supreme share in the near future. The growth is attributed to its important characteristics such as high voltage range, temperature and frequency characteristics, capacitance range, among others. In addition to this, the conductive polymer tantalum product type segment will increase at a substantial rate and fuel the growth of the conductive polymer capacitor industry in the near future.

  • On the basis of anode material, the global market is classified as aluminum anode material and tantalum anode material among which the aluminum segment will register maximum share in the near future. Tantalum anode material is expected to register the highest growth rate as well as the market share during the forecast period.

  • Among the applications segment, IT and telecom applications are estimated as a dominant segment, with peak share in 2020. The growth is attributed to the increasing adoption of IT and telecom applications due to the excellent advantages offered by capacitors conductive polymers such as high capacity, as well as compact size. Along with this, the industrial electronics segment is expected to grow at the remarkable growth rate and increase the market revenue.

  • Panasonic Corporation represented a significant share of the global conductive polymer capacitor market due to the implementation of its innovative business strategies.

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Regional analysis:

The study of the report offers global projections of the Conductive Polymer Capacitor products industry in various regions like Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, Middle East and South America. Africa. Asia-Pacific will dominate the global industry due to the increased demand for conductive polymer capacitors in various end-user applications, coupled with the presence of large companies in India, China and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region. The North American market is likely to register the striking CAGR, due to the increasing demand for the conductive polymer capacitor in emerging economies. Likewise, most of the companies operating in the market are moving deeply to gain a modest edge in the conductive polymer capacitor market in North America. The European market is expected to hold a significant market share and the growth is attributed to the increase in the IT and telecommunications industry, especially in the region’s France, Russia and UK. The market for conductive polymer capacitors in Latin America is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR in the near future. In addition, the Middle East and Africa region is expected to create lucrative growth opportunities in the target industry.

Key market players and strategies:

Major companies working around the world include CDE Cornell Dubilie, Tecate Group, Panasonic Corporation, Nippon Chemi-Con, Sun Electronics, Samsung Electronics, KEMET, ROHM, Lelon Electronics and Vishay. Massive enterprise in the study of conductive polymer capacitor assisted by planned mergers-like partnerships, business acquisitions are business approaches pioneered by leading companies in the conductive polymer capacitor market.

Main market segments covered:

By product type

  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Capacitor

  • Conductive Polymeric Tantalum Solid Capacitor

  • Conductive Niobium Polymer Capacitors

    • Solid capacitor

    • Electrolytic capacitor

By type of anode material

By capacitor shape

  • Chip type

  • Type of prospect

  • Large box type

By application

  • Automotive

  • Consumer electronics

  • Industrial electronics

  • IT and Telecommunications

  • Aeronautics and Defense

  • Power and energy

  • Health care

  • Other

By geography

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