“Completely relieve farmers of the debt burden”



Farmers’ representatives in Thanjavur district pleaded with the state government to take over the crop loans sanctioned by commercial banks and completely relieve the farmers of the debt burden.

Raising demand at the agricultural grievances meeting chaired by collector Govinda Rao here on Tuesday, farmers thanked the state government for waiving crop loans to the tune of 12,000 crore disbursed by farmers. cooperative institutions.

Pointing out that in the recent past, many farmers lost their eligibility to obtain new loans from cooperative institutions because they were unable to repay previous loans on time due to crop losses, farmers’ representatives necessarily had to depend on commercial banks for loans to continue cultivation.

“The state government should come to the aid of these farmers by allocating sufficient funds in the next state budget for the repayment of these crop loans on behalf of farmers to commercial banks,” said Sundara Vimalanathan, secretary of the Thanjavur Cauvery District Farmers Protection Association. .

Urging officials to ensure that the benefit of loan forgiveness reaches genuine farmers, Chinnadurai from Thiruvonam bloc suggested this could be achieved through proper review of loan accounts as the possibility for non-farmers to ‘Obtain harvest jewelry loans by submitting false documents or without submitting the necessary documents. documents of connivance with people in society could not be excluded.

He and Sundara Vimalanathan also suggested that special incentives be announced and adjusted in the next loan for farmers who quickly repaid the loans they took during the period for which the crop loan forgiveness was announced.

A progressive farmer from Pudur in the Thiruvidaimaruthur bloc has fervently appealed to the authorities to consider the offer from the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited to improve green coverage in the Delta region.

Yuvaraj from Pudur pointed out that there was a strong belief that the burning of natural gas from oil wells affects the prospects for precipitation in this region and to some extent, he claimed, this claim appears to be true.

Although heavy rains were recorded throughout the district in the recent past, the Thiruvidaimaruthur region, especially the areas on the outskirts of the Kuttalam bloc, had not received as much rain as those received in other areas. areas of the region. Therefore, he urged the district administration to study the impact of the burning of natural gas from the oil wells of the Kuttalam block on the environment and to come forward to use the offer proposed by the CGSB for improve green coverage in the region as part of its corporate social policy. responsibility activity.

“I don’t know if the burning of natural gas will have an impact on the environment and thus affect the prospects for rain. But I am sure that with the help of ONGC, the green coverage of the region can be improved and maintained, as the Company is also willing to support the maintenance of saplings, ”he added.

Several other farmers urged the state government to consider declaring special incentives to encourage farmers to repay crop loans quickly.


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