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Todd Chavez (voiced by Aaron Paul) is known for sleeping on BoJack’s couch and not making any money, but he’s also been known to work hard for the things he’s passionate about. He loses interest in things pretty quickly, but he’s incredibly creative and gets into a lot of shenanigans.

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Throughout the six seasons of BoJack Horseman, Todd gets many different jobs and builds several successful businesses. He is personable and has solid basic knowledge in many areas, such as Japanese, art, and entrepreneurial skills.

ten S1Ep5 Live Fast, Diane Nguyen: David Boreanaz Scam

tourist scam

When BoJack and Diane travel to Boston, Todd finds himself alone with the house. As Todd works in the front of the house, a tour bus passes by to see the house which they believe belongs to David Boreanaz. Todd tells them that’s not the case, but when he learns how much people would pay for a tour of Boreanaz’s house, he hatches a plan.

Princess Caroline gets involved and they stick pictures of David Boreanaz on the paintings and all the pictures of Bojack. Princess Caroline eventually takes the scheme a bit too far and Todd ends up in jail.

9 S2Ep2 Country of Yesterday: Disneyland

todd's disneyland

In Season 2, it’s suddenly mentioned that BoJack told Todd that Disneyland doesn’t exist, and that Todd has been designing his own theme park for five years.

Todd actually builds his Disneyland and takes Caroline, Vincent, Wanda, and Diane for a ride around the park. Mr. Peanutbutter wants in on Todd’s amusement park but isn’t sure it’s entirely legal since Disneyland already exists. Turns out it’s because of a typo on the mark. The episode ends with the whole park burning.

8 S3Ep5 Love and/or Marriage: Cabracadabra

In this episode, Todd and his ex-girlfriend Emily offer Mr. Peanutbutter a carpooling app, and they describe it as a car company where women drive other women around so they don’t feel unsafe or harassed. by men. He signs off immediately, and they set up an office in BoJack’s house.

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Later in the season, all of the employees are swapped out for female Orca, and Todd tries to buy more office space. This goes off the rails as the show progresses, suddenly hiring male drivers because Emily leaves and morals get muddled. In the final season, BoJack can be seen using Cabracabra and being driven by a female driver.

7 S5Ep9 Ancient History: All About That Ace

Todd Chavez is asexual

Todd discovers he is asexual in the show’s fifth season. He has been somewhat involved with his childhood sweetheart, Emily, but they have yet to have sex. She’s clearly interested, but Todd keeps finding excuses to get away with it.

Todd had the idea of ​​creating a dating app specifically for asexual people, but he never followed through. His ex-girlfriend Emily decides to do it. While researching, she discovered that some asexuals were having sex, but Todd just wasn’t interested. He finds a girl on the app, but soon realizes that being asexual is actually the only thing they have in common.

6 S4Ep8/9 The Judge/Lovin That Cali Lifestyle: Customers

clown dentist business

In episode 8 of season 4, Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd come up with the idea of ​​clown dentists. The goal was to make dentists less scary by making them clowns because everyone loves clowns, right? They start the company, but by Episode 9, it becomes clear that their plan is full of holes. Not only do the kids find the clowns scary, but none of the clowns they’ve hired have medical licenses.

Todd decides to change his route and start an entertainment business with the clowns, but it turns out that they aren’t very good clowns either. His agent, Yolanda of the Better Business Bureau, is unimpressed, so Todd drops everything.

5 S4Ep12 What time is it right now? Run for your life – Escape the enraged dentist clowns

run for your life rabid clowns

As Yolanda was unimpressed with the dental clowns, Todd decided to release the clowns into the wild and dissolve his company. But when he and Princess Caroline sit and talk in the woods, they are approached by one of the aforementioned clowns, and he seems to have rage. It turns out that when they were thrown into the woods, they were bitten by enraged raccoons.

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Todd asks Yolanda to help him capture the clowns in order to start a new business. Since he learned that everyone is afraid of clowns, he had the idea of ​​asking clowns to hunt people to help them get fit. He calls it “Run for your life: Escape the enraged dentist clowns!” », and it is quite a success.

4 S5Ep1 The Light Bulb Scene: President of Advertising Sales at

Todd in a suit

In this episode, it is brought to Todd’s attention that he doesn’t really have a job and therefore has no direction in life. He asks BoJack to help him find a job, so he gets him an interview to be the janitor. In the interview, it becomes apparent that Todd is vastly overqualified for the job and is immediately named president of advertising sales.

At the end of the season, Todd gets fired because he never sold ads, and the show the company was working on ran into allegations and complications, so he just wanted to cut his losses.

3 S5Ep9 Ancient History: Henri Fondle

Henry strokes the ruins of date night

There’s a lot going on in this episode, including Todd making a sex robot he calls Henry Fondle. Since he has no interest in having sex, he creates a robot that might satisfy his partner Emily. It doesn’t really work and knocks over candles that start a fire, but it was his first time building a robot, and he did it in an afternoon.

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As Emily is not interested, Todd takes Henry Fondle to work with him. He ends up getting his own job on, but it doesn’t last long because he’s a sex robot, so naturally a lot of allegations have been made in reference to Henry Fondle. Todd eventually takes him behind the stake and holds him as he “dies”.

2 S6Ep13 The Horny Unicorn: Nanny

todd with ruthie

At this point, Todd moved in with Princess Caroline and her daughter, Ruthie. Caroline started her own agency called VIM, and Todd stayed home with Ruthie as a live-in nanny. In this episode, he convinces her to open a daycare center for VIM employees.

He does a lot to help Ruthie and the other kids and is surprisingly great with them. He has a ton of ideas to make parents’ lives easier, including robot suits that let babies walk on their own.

1 S4Ep1 Watch Mr. Peanutbutter Run: Governor of Hollywood

Sir.  peanut butter governor

Mr. Peanutbutter is running for governor in this episode, and the current governor, Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz, is appalled. The city of Hollywood decides the only way to settle this is to hold a ski race, and whoever gets to the bottom first wins.

Meanwhile, Todd floats around in his new “drone throne” that Emily made for him. He drops the remote control and ends up crashing into the hill where the ski match is taking place. He crosses the finish line before Woodchuck or Mr. Peanutbutter and is therefore the new governor. Todd obviously doesn’t want the job, so he quits immediately.

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