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Barrell Craft Spirits has worked hard over the past decade to bring respectability back to the art of blending American whiskey, and the latest release is another example of the how, what and why. The new Barrell Vantage is a blend of three bourbons, including a rare and expensive trendy Japanese mizunara oak finish.

There seems to be a new BCS release every month or two, and we’ll take it because this Louisville blending company usually releases really tasty whiskey. The latest is Barrell Vantage, a blend of three pure bourbons, each finished in a different type of virgin oak barrel: American (toasted, uncharred), French (some toasted, some toasted and charred), and Japanese mizunara. (grilled and charred) . Each bourbon was finished separately before blending, as the Barrell team attempted to match individual liquids with specific wood types based on flavor. This isn’t the first time BCS has worked with a three-barrel finishing program, as builds like Dovetail and Seagrass have also received this multi-pronged treatment. “We drew on our years of expertise, creativity, and testing to create a bourbon with impeccable balance and depth of flavor that encompasses varying levels of char and toast, as well as its oak origins,” said founder Joe Beatrice in a statement.

Virgin oak infuses whiskey with flavor quickly and intensely because it has never been used before and has not yet given up its richness of color and, more importantly, its notes of vanilla, fruit, spice and caramel. Each type of wood has a different effect on the whisky, and mizunara is currently a popular (although relatively rare and expensive) cask type to finish your whisky. Typical flavors associated with this Japanese oak are incense, sandalwood, coconut and herbal tea. . From the tasting notes, these are present on the palate, along with notes of grilled pineapple, hot cola, tarragon and maple syrup (which sounds a bit like a snack from late night, but interesting all the same).

The pure bourbon in the Vantage Blend comes from the usual suspect states of Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Although the exact distilleries are not revealed, assumptions can be safely made about the first two at least. The whiskey is bottled at 114.44 proof cask strength and available for a suggested retail price of $89.99.


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