Artist collective Ōhāriu to exhibit clay, paint and wood works in Parliament


From cast lamp sculptures to pen and acrylic on canvas, the group exhibition Ōhāriu showcases an exciting range of art.

The exhibition by the Ōhāriu Collective, a group of 12 local artists from the Ōhāriu region of Wellington, is being held at the Houses of Parliament from June 22 to July 25, 2022.

The artists bring diversity to their different fields through painting, ceramics, drawing, photography, carpentry and sculpture, creating an exciting mix of works that showcase color, form and styles – the all being presented in the two exhibition spaces of the Parliament.

The artists featured in this exhibition are Aimée McLeod, Beth Honore, Bruce Ingoe, Chris Dunn, Denise Durkin, Jill Sutton, Kenzy Cheeseman, Kylie Law, Lee Gutterson, Lizzie Pannell, Martyn Turner and Stephen Williams.

Artist Jill Sutton paints landscapes of the Wellington region, a subject she “never tires of and returns to again and again”.

Clay artist Aimée McLeod creates humanoid clay forms. Concerned about their essence more than their anatomical accuracy, she describes them as “visitors from another world”.

Sculptor Stephen Williams strives to disrupt the symmetry and predictability of his sculpted forms, while maintaining and preserving the integrity of his sculptures.

Their works, along with those of other featured artists, will be displayed in the exhibition at the Te Papakura Parliament Art Gallery and Visitor Center from June 22. It will be open to the public until July 25.

Visit of the exhibition

The exhibition space is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday each week, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (last entry).

If you want to visit the current exhibition, go to the Parliament Buildings and head to the Visitor Center in the Beehive Foyer. From there, you will be directed to the exhibition space on level 2 of the Hive.

Or you can book here for a tour of parliamentand visit the gallery while you’re there!

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