An interior expert shares the top home decor trends you need to know about this fall


TRENDING: Reimagine and refresh your home for the year ahead with these on-trend decorating ideas (Photo by Getty)

As the nights darken and our days grow colder, many homeowners are looking for the latest trends to keep their homes cool and trendy for fall and winter.

Our homes are an ever-changing mix of all the things we love. If last year it was about reclaiming one’s space, dedicated to working from home, this year it’s about generous doses of color and stamping one’s personality.

Mike Head, Director at Atlas Ceramics, has gathered some insight on the top trends you should embrace this season. He said: “A major theme we’ve seen this year is bringing outdoor interior styles indoors. For example, searches for farmhouse interiors have increased 250% over the past four years, proving that the exterior aesthetic isn’t going away anytime soon. »

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Warmer color palettes
Paying homage to 70s style homes, a warm color palette references reds, oranges and yellows, contrasted with the typical summery interior color palette of blues, greens and purples. The key to this trend is not to overthink it.

Start with subtle changes such as replacing lighter throw pillows with a dark yellow color. If your budget allows, invest in vintage beverage cabinets that follow this color scheme for a standout look.

If you’re looking for a more assertive transformation, Mike suggests replacing your kitchen or hallway flooring with terracotta tiles. “Terracotta tiles have a natural dark red or earthy clay color and are the perfect way to bring an outdoor aesthetic indoors for the changing seasons,” he explained.

Say hello to Scandinavian interiors
Over the past two years, we’ve seen the Scandinavian interior trend make a comeback. Known for its minimalist approach to furniture and color, this trend is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall as you won’t need to make any changes.

Minimalist design and neutral colors are trending (Photo by Getty Images/iStockphoto)

When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, less is always more, so if you’re looking to spruce up your home quickly for the changing seasons, this is the trend for you.

Experiment with your textures
Texture is key to creating a warm fall vibe. Without texture, your space might lack depth and decadence.

Due to the nature of fall styling, layering is the perfect way to incorporate different textures into your home. Think chunky bedspreads and blankets on the beds or pretty textured throws on the sofas, with plenty of soft cushions and warm rugs underfoot.

Go wild with the wallpaper
It’s a trend that always seems to come back – but don’t just use wallpaper for the walls! You can add wallpaper to many other surfaces, such as cabinets, side tables, or even the ceiling.

Experimenting with wallpaper can also add to a fall color palette. For example, if you’re looking to subtly incorporate warmer colors, consider using old vintage wallpaper as a cover for a drab wardrobe to make it the centerpiece of your room.

Incorporate the ‘Renaissance Carpet’
An easy trend to incorporate into your home, it’s also a cheaper alternative for sprucing up your space.

Look to your local charity shops or second-hand furniture stores, and you’re sure to find some amazing vintage rugs that can make your room pop. Adding a rug also adds depth and coziness, making it an ideal addition for small spaces, especially a home office.

Invest in statement lighting
This trend is ideal for bathrooms or perhaps hallways if you are renovating for the upcoming season. Statement lighting is a perfect way to add decadence and drama to your space.

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Abstract art is a fall winner
Abstract art is creating all kinds of noise on social media and has claimed its place as the absolute winner of fall. Easy to incorporate, a simple abstract art canvas can provide the geometry you need to give your room a cool, artistic feel.

Back to vintage ships
Vintage vessels offer unique patterns, colors and textures, but also add character and warmth to your space, like abstract art paintings. They are perfect for anyone looking to make more sustainable choices for their home.

Finding vintage vessels, in particular, can ensure that old pieces don’t go to waste. Mike recommends going with clay because of its durability and minimalist look, but you can incorporate vintage pottery if you’re looking for a more colorful vibe.


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