3 Multibagger stocks that generated up to 14,850% returns over the past year


1. Flomic Global Logistics Ltd. :

It is an IATA recognized air cargo service provider. The company’s range of services includes ocean freight, domestic air / rail transportation, refrigerated containers, exhibition and event logistics, among others. The country with more than 30 years of existence caters to more than 84 nations.

The year-long return of the Flomic script has been a staggering 14,850 percent from a price of just over Rs. 1 to now at Rs. 167.45. The share is not listed on the NSE. The last m-cap of the action stands at Rs. 120 crores.

2. HCP Plastene Bulkpack / Gopala Polyplast:

2. HCP Plastene Bulkpack / Gopala Polyplast:

HCP Plastene Bulkpack … Gopala Polyplast (GPL) is engaged in the manufacture of HDPE / PP woven bags with installed capacity of 7925 tons and diversified into. woven textile labels for a total cost of Rs 13.17 cr. Woven textile labels find their application in ready-made clothing (shirts, pants, dresses), hosiery, terrycloth towels, leather shoes, knitwear, etc.

The certificate in the past year has risen from Rs. 5.72 as of November 5, 2020 to currently trade at Rs. 629.4, resulting in an outstanding return of 10,903% over the past year. Learn more about how this stock has produced such exceptional returns.

3. Xpro India:

3. Xpro India:

This Birla group company is a multidivisional and multi-site company diversified in the polymer processing sector. The packaging company’s latest m-cap is Rs 816 crore.

The company’s product portfolio includes BOPP films, Coex cast films, coex sheets, among others.

The company enjoys a leading position in manufacturing capacitor packaging materials in India, being only the only entity in space. The stock price surge as detailed in a report relates to the government’s support measure for electronics manufacturing and as a result, given this, the company has started to make a profit in recent quarters. So, with improving cash flow, the business is on the path to reducing its debt.

Xpro’s stock over the past year has registered gains to the tune of 3,145.54 percent. The share last closed at a price of Rs. 691.3 per share. The share price rise is expected to continue given the current reach of electric vehicles. In addition, as the government corrected the reverse tariff structure for the segment, more resilience in the space is expected.



The stocks mentioned here are just to give an idea of ​​how these stocks have performed over the past year. Note that stocks are currently very expensive and one can take a downside buy on a 5% correction in the future.


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