19 ‘dangerous’ drugs banned in Madhya Pradesh


A few days after the incident at the Barwani eye camp where 45 people lost their sight, the Madhya Pradesh health department on Tuesday banned 19 dangerous and substandard drugs.

Banned drugs from different pharmaceutical products were supplied to several state hospitals and primary health centers in the state.

An order from the Madhya Pradesh Public Health Services Corporation (MPPSHSC) said the drugs were being stored in state government hospitals and were about to expire next year, but were not sure. and substandard quality.

Chief medical officers and civilian surgeons have been urged to strictly seal the existing stock and refrain from prescribing these drugs to patients and traders.

“We have received a letter from Dr Vinay Kumar Dubey, Managing Director of (MPPHSC), along with a list of 19 drugs we need to ban,” said Dr Sharad Pandit, Co-Director of Health, Indore Division.

A slew of drugs made by pharmaceuticals from across the country are mentioned in the list, including four from Dhar-based Beryl Drugs Ltd, whose saline solution has been held responsible by most investigative agencies in the Barwani case.

The Care group, Vadodara; Jawa Pharmaceuticals, Jaipur and Amanta Health Care Ltd.

Question the full credibility of the company from which these drugs were procured through a competitive bidding process and supplied to public hospitals. The list is indicative of a loophole in the state’s entire drug purchasing system.

“The letter sent to us clearly mentions that these drugs will only be provided after notification by the department,” added Dr Pandit.

List of prohibited companies

Ploymer Technologies, Vadodara

Cipla, Ltd, Haridwar

Care group, Vadodara

Vadodara care group

Sunways India, Ahemdabad

Jawa Pharmaceuticals, Jaipur

Beryl Drugs Ltd, Dhar

IVES Drugs India Pvt Ltd, Dhar

Amanta Healthcare, Ltd Gujarat

Shreya Life science, Aurangabad

Nandani Medical Laboratories, Indore

FDC ltd, Aurangabad


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