10 wallpaper trends to watch for in 2022 – top prints and styles


These wallpaper trends will give you a lot of inspiration to spruce up your home decor in this New Year. Let’s face it: we’re all a bit hungry for color and fun, and the 2022 wallpaper trends are a direct response to this need for more joy and color.

Overall, the designs that are set to become bestsellers next year follow the general interior design trends that are popular right now. You can expect to see a lot of bright colors and intricate patterns. Now is not the time for shy neutrals or confident striped patterns. Get ready to feast on whimsical and unusual designs – which will still work in the majority of homes.

If there’s one way to sum up the wallpaper trends for 2022, it’s with one word: biophilia. The term that nobody really knew until about a year ago is now widely used to describe interior design that draws inspiration from nature and borrows from nature to create a harmonious interior space. Wallpaper designs have followed suit.

Rebecca Drury, co-founder of MissPrint, says “nature-inspired interiors top the list” of trends. According to Rebecca, this trend “started with an increased demand for plants in the home” and “now we will find that nature inspires many areas of home decor, from botanical prints and natural materials to colors and even shapes. “.

From wallpaper designs that include flora and fauna to the dominance of natural colors like blue and green, the influence of nature in wallpaper design at this time is undeniable.

In addition, with this increased interest in nature comes an increased awareness of sustainability as well. Beth Travers, founder of maximalist design house Bobo1325, predicts that a “growing awareness of the fragility of the earth” will determine how people choose their wallpaper in 2022: “Homeowners are looking for more sustainable options – suppliers wallpaper that use paper, paint brands that removed toxins, and furniture brands that use recycled materials.

1. Abstract botany

Abstract floral wallpaper in bright bedroom

Wayfair Averie 2.5m x 90cm Matte Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Lucy Henderson, chief designer at My Bespoke Room, told us that “bold floral prints and botanical prints aren’t going anywhere.” The trend for botanical wallpaper has been strong for several years now, but this year you can expect to see a more abstract take on botanical designs. Gone are the photorealistic flowers and palm leaves – instead we see more stylized versions like Little Trees Emerald wallpaper by MissPrint and the Averie 2.5m x 90cm matte wallpaper roll by Wayfair .

Abstract green wallpaper with leaf pattern

Little Trees Emerald Wallpaper by MissPrint

(Image credit: Missprint)

2. Animal wallpapers – for adults

Navy blue wallpaper with deer head motif in the kitchen

Target NuWallpaper Escape to the Forest Peel & Stick Wallpaper Nav

(Image credit: target)

Lucy says she sees “lots of striking animal and bird wallpapers” – we agree. Animal wallpapers are often seen in children’s rooms, but the current trend is for beautiful versions for adults. Forest motifs featuring deer are particularly popular and in line with the overall biophilic trend, like this NuWallpaper Escape to the Forest Peel & Stick Wallpaper Nav from Target.

Dark green wallpaper with a fawn print

Fawn Over wallpaper from 1325 Bobo

(Image credit: 1325 Bobo)

3. Intense blue

Indigo blue wallpaper in the living room

Arizome Collage wallpaper by MindtheGap

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Blue definitely has a moment, with blue bedroom ideas dominating interior trends. It was only a matter of time before wallpaper caught up with the popularity of blue. If you want the trendiest hues, look for intense indigo and deep teal hues, like Arizome Collage wallpaper by MindtheGap and Layered Leaves Peel & Stick wallpaper – Opalhouse, by Target. Otherwise, a rich navy promises to be colossal in the world of wallpapers in 2022.

Intense blue wallpaper with leaf pattern in the hallway

Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Layered Layers – Opalhouse, by Target

(Image credit: target)

4. Bathroom wallpaper

Tile design wallpaper in the bathroom

RoomMates Mediterranian Tile Peel & Stick Blue Wallpaper by Target

(Image credit: target)

“Who says you can’t line your bathroom?” Lucy wonders. She says she “sees more and more customers opting for wallpaper to add interesting colors, patterns or textures to their bathroom.” Bathroom wallpaper ideas also offer a cost effective solution for bathroom tiling. Just look at Target’s RoomMates Mediterranian Tile Peel & Stick Wallpaper Blue for a hassle-free tiling effect.

5. Emerald green

Chinese pattern emerald green wallpaper

MindtheGap Emperor Greenlake’s Labyrinth Wall Mural

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Green is another color that’s huge right now, and green wallpaper is guaranteed to give any room in your home a trendy look. The green of the moment is vibrant and jewel-like, neither too pale nor too dark. Intricate abstract and botanical prints are the trendiest accompaniments to emerald tones, like Skylark wallpaper by MissPrint or Emperor’s Labyrinth Greenlake wallpaper by MindtheGap.

Rebecca Drury said of the green trend that it was “a direct result of the trend for nature-inspired interiors”. green continues to be one of the most popular colors in interior design. This color will add a feeling of comfort, calm and well-being in the house. ‘

Light green wallpaper in the bedroom

Skylark wallpaper by MissPrint

(Image credit: MissPrint)

6. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallsauce Jardin de Chinoiserie wallpaper wallpaper

(Image credit: Wallsauce)

Chinese wallpaper is nothing new – in fact, wallpapers inspired by Chinese and Japanese art became fashionable in Europe in the 18th century. It turns out that Chinoiserie’s designs fit perfectly with the current biophilic craze in interior design.

From delicate cherry blossoms and koi carp to herons, there is a wide range of patterns and looks inspired by nature. These wallpapers are great companions for modern bathroom ideas. We faint at the Chinoiserie Garden wallpaper mural by Wallsauce and the terracotta The Swoop wallpaper by Feathr.

Terracotta wallpaper with heron pattern

Feathr’s Terracotta Swoop Wallpaper

(Image credit: Feathr)

7. Core castle

French wallpaper with sofa and cushion

The Mansion Dancing Graces wallpaper from MindtheGap

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Move on, Cottagecore! Chateaucore comes to steal the show. Wallpaper that looks like expensive tapestry or patterned upholstery with antique designs is what you are looking for. With Le Manoir Dancing Graces wallpaper by MindtheGap being a good example, this look works best with French bedroom ideas and historic homes.

8. Nautical summary

blue nautical themed wallpaper in a study

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

The coastal look will be reinvented over the coming year – with the help of wallpaper patterns. Forget the stripes, however – the interior of the 2022 beach house has more subtle, more natural references to the sea. Wavy patterns will be more popular than angular patterns, and when it comes to colors, look for blues. brighter than pastels.

Abstract nautical wallpaper used in a walk-in closet

(Image credit: target)

9. Mediterranean tiles

Mediterranean tile style wallpaper in the hallway

Sundance Villa Wallpaper by MindtheGap

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

Wallpaper that looks like brightly painted Mediterranean tiles like this Sundance Villa wallpaper by MindtheGap is having a great time. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many of us missed a summer vacation, but we see these cheerful designs (most often with yellow details and especially lemons) all over the place. They’re not just for bathrooms and kitchens – try a tiled pattern in a home office or conservatory.

10. Birds

Navy wallpaper with birds in the living room

Bird And Gate Wallpaper by Sara Miller

(Image credit: Sara Miller)

The epitome of the current trend towards maximalism, wallpaper with bird motifs is experiencing a major revival. Rebecca Dagless, textile designer at Ashley Wilde Group, says the appeal of bird wallpaper is that it “creates a real WOW factor,” “showcasing elegant songbirds perched amid the elaborate doorways of a secret orchard. , flourishing with lemon trees and blooming against a deep navy blue background. ‘

We personally think this Bird And Gate mural by Sara Miller is made for an opulent bedroom design, but it can work in a maximalist living room as well.

Navy blue wallpaper with peacock pattern in the living room

Celina Digby Peacock Navy Wallpaper

(Image credit: Celina Digby)


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