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There are regularly a number of times in the year where there is a high demand for quick extra money with a mini loan. This can have various causes, you have received an unexpected bill, you have to pay someone back the money, you are going away for a weekend and you do not have enough cash. You go on vacation longer and are not sure if you can manage financially for the entire period. For example, there are dozens of reasons why it may happen that you need some extra money. If it is a modest amount, you can opt for a mini loan, also known as an advance.

For all common cases mentioned above, this means that you are dealing with a balance dip. Your debit card no longer works, or the bottom of your wallet is insight. You can solve this by applying for a mini loan to bridge the period until your salary is paid by borrowing a small amount up to a maximum of 800 euros. Below you can find out how to apply for this and how long this will take. Of course, there are costs involved, so “think before you start” to just cast a wise spell.

Direct lenders can get you cash today in minutes

When you go to our site, you will see page request for payday loan direct lender. Click on the button and you will see that you are presented with an application form in which you must provide a number of details about your income in addition to your personal details.

Have I been working on that for a long time?

Don’t worry, this application form is completed in less than 5 minutes. Of course, you must also indicate the amount you would like to see (from 100 to 800 euros) and you must also specify the period of repayment (from 15 to 45 days).

While filling in the form you also have to upload a copy of your ID, this may also have been made with your mobile phone.

I’m eligible

You quickly qualify for a mini loan. You must receive at least 900 euros net per month on your account, have a bank account in your own name and have a mobile phone (for text messages).

If you have a negative BKR registration, then you don’t have to worry about it, no testing is carried out, so you can borrow money without BKR.

Need extra money quickly with a mini loan

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You can assume that the requested amount is in your account quickly. After approval, you have your mini loan in your account within 1 working day.

Keep in mind that you cannot pay in installments, but that you have to pay the entire amount, including costs, in one go.

Are there costs attached?

You have to pay for costs. Depending on the provider, costs are charged in addition to interest. This can be for a guarantee, or for extra services that you choose.

Fortunately, these costs are mentioned directly when applying and you can decide immediately whether or not to do this. Because of course you also know that borrowing money always costs money.